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Blue Rodeo band member opens guitar service shop

Downtown Kitchener in an old factory building next to the VIA train station.

Blue Rodeo member opens guitar shop in waterloo

Bob’s Guitar Repair is only a 3 drive from City Centre Condominiums!

KITCHENER — In another life, long before Bob Egan became the steel guitar player for Blue Rodeo, he was a corporate consultant in Chicago, specializing in employee attitude research.

He made good money as a consultant, and spent much of it on guitars. But when he tried to get those beloved guitars repaired, he was often frustrated.

“I would often leave the shop not knowing when the repair would be ready, what might be wrong or what it would cost me,” Egan says. He vowed that some day, he would fix the problem by opening up his own guitar shop, one that focused on customer service.

In the early 1990s, he did just that. He opened Bob’s Guitar Service in Chicago. It was a huge success and grew to have five employees and was repairing 100 guitars a week when Egan sold that shop to his employees.

Now, although he is still with Blue Rodeo, he has opened up another Bob’s Guitar Service, this in downtown Kitchener in an old factory building next to the VIA train station.

The shop handles any type of guitar, amplifier or electronic music instrument repair. There’s also a small room where Egan showcases and sells vintage, boutique and consigned gear instruments in a partnership with Capsule Music in Toronto.

Egan was part of the bands Freakwater and Wilco in the United States before leaving Chicago and moving to Oxford, Miss., where he recorded his first album. In 2000, he moved to Canada to join Blue Rodeo and settled in Kitchener about six years ago.

During Egan’s last tour across Canada, fellow musician Wayne Petti of the band Cuff the Duke pulled him into every “cool guitar shop” in whatever community they were in. “That just fired up my passion and when I came back to Kitchener, I thought, I am a big fan of this town … why don’t I just open up a cool guitar store?”

Bob’s Guitar Service
100 Ahrens Street West
Kitchener, ON
N2H 4C3 Canada
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